Psychology: The Queen of All Tests At SSB

Selection Boards of the Armed Forces remain tight lipped regarding their contents, methodology and philosophy. Most of the information related to contents, methodology and philosophy behind different testings at SSB are kept confidential in order to keep the assessment process organic. There is no official source and a candidate receives varied versions of this information from multiple sources like guide books (mostly from non-credible authors) and money minting academies.

In the absence of any standard and credible source diverse opinions come home to the minds aspirants/candidates. One of such beliefs is regarding the relative importance of the three different techniques at Service Selection Boards.

[themify_quote]Is Psychology the most significant test at SSB?[/themify_quote]

As per the common belief held by the candidates and non-candidates alike, the most important technique is Psychology. The Psychologist holds the veto in his hands or unless cleared by psychologist, no candidate could clear the Service Selection Board interview are the kind of the largest held beliefs. The psychologist is the most scary character among the assessors. This belief is a bit over exaggerated yet has its origin in some remote logic.

Tests and practices at Service Selection Boards are the derivatives of the various principles of Psychology. The tools of a Group Testing Officer (GTO) or an Interviewing Officer (IO) are not independent technically. These assessors use nothing but the well researched and well established principles/rules/constructs of Psychology.

Psychology in a way is the fountain head of all the techniques that are practiced at every Service Selection Boards. They merely appear independent. In fact they are not. The independence of the techniques of Group Testing and Interview is merely virtual. Despite this however, the belief that the psychologists hold the Veto in the matter of selection is incorrect. We have to understand the difference between the Psychology and the Psychologist in the context of SSB. Psychologist is one of the three assessors who is using certain tools from the vast and wide store of Psychology. His share is limited and say is just as important as that of the GTO or the IO.

We must understand then, the way these techniques really operate. Actually the Psychologist at SSB maps the contents of the mind whereas the other two assessors see how the mental contents articulate in the behaviour (words and actions shown individually and in a group or social situation). The approach of the psychologist is Structural where as the other two techniques follow the Functional approach.