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Our approach of training is different. It’s far beyond the model answers and the pre-conceived notion of negative/positive. We focus on the right conditioning of your thoughts to build your real personality. We believe in mentoring than coaching.

What Makes Us Unique?


Personalized Guidance

That’s the essence of our approach. Every personality is different and we focus on individuals to meet their learning goals.

Way Beyond 15 OLQs & Positive Negative Approach

We teach the Missing-Right and shade o the Present-Wrong. Our curriculum is beyond the traditional approach and popular beliefs.

Focus on Personality

The focus is on right conditioning of your thoughts to make them become your nature.

What We Offer

Group Guidance Classes (Webinars)

In-depth immersive live sessions to cover the dynamics of various topics.


Personal Guidance Program (Offline)

In-class training. Suited for local candidates looking for personal attention.

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1-1 Guidance Classes (Online)

Daily online classes conducted over Hangouts/Zoom.

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Dossier Assessment (Psychology)

Know where you are lacking and how to prepare.

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SSB Mentor

Group Captain AK Srivastava

Chief Mentor 

He is a first class Post Graduate in Psychology and has been involved in selection, training and education of the troops and cadets during his service career spanning over three decades in Indian Air Force. The officer has served at Air Force Selection Boards – Mysore & Varanasi, as Headmaster of Sainik Schools of Imphal & Kapurthala and was twice placed as Instructor & Counsellor at Air Force Academy Hyderabad. As a Psychologist, his services have been utilized by the IAF in various national & international projects. Group Captain A K Srivastava is keen reader and researcher. He has presented scholarly papers at DIPR, University of Peradenia (Sri Lanka) and at Curtin University (Dubai Campus). He has authored a book titled ‘Aaham Aavaam Vayam’ (I, we two & we all), on the tests and practices at SSBs, which is highly appreciated in the academic circles. Currently giving active guidance and counselling for career in armed forces.


First class graduate in Psychology

Selector at AFSB - Varanasi & Mysore

Instructor & Counsellor at AFA

Headmaster at Sainik Schools

Author of 'Aaham Aavaam Vayam'

Online Guidance

Prepare From The Comfort of Home!

Join our online guidance course to prepare in a better way.

What People Are Saying…

Took online guidance program from sir. His approach is not to make you ‘crack’ SSB by ready made, spoon fed materials but to bring out your qualities best and help you to overcome your misconceptions.

Prince Singh

Srivastava Sir has an exceptional expertise in the domain of psychology and assessment of candidates in diverse backgrounds. Needless to say, I was mesmerized by his impeccable mentoring and personal guidance that he provided me on SSB preparation; something that he teaches, after years of well researched subjects and his functional role as a selector. I am obliged to him for his contribution that he makes to reorient the aspirants in the right direction for success in not only in SSB but in general sense. As a human, he still confounds me by his simplicity and helpfulness despite having such high credentials and being a high ranked military ocer. I would highly recommend aspirants to adopt his PGP to widen their horizons on the selection system.

Marshal Sabyasachi

Sir’s guidance has made me realise where I was lagging and what qualities need to be imbibed. Once your thoughts has been changed so are your actions, that’s what I felt after attending sir’s PGP. It makes a dierence to me as a repeater and yes now as I have realised my area where I was lagging, I have better idea of my performance. Feel privileged to be sir’s student.

Rajveer Singh Shekhawat

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