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Officer cadre in Armed Forces is an extremely satisfying career full of exciting opportunities. And, seeing the ever since increasing number of candidates it appears that the charm for this career is on rise only. The number of young men and women has increased significantly in the past couple of decades. The number of selection boards has also increased to accommodate the rising number of aspirants. While there has hardly been any change in the system of selection, the present situation is totally changed with respect to the preparation for SSB interviews.

Today, with least exceptions, candidates appear before the SSBs with full formal preparations. It is rather rare to find candidates who appeared without any coaching or guidance from some ‘expert’. Despite availability of scores of guidance/coaching centers, the selection percentage has not improved. In fact it has gone down only. These coaching centers are unable to provide effective guidance. In fact, the reality is that there is no official document on the methodology of ssb preparations. In the absence of such official clarity, the success at SSBs remains just a black box.

Go to any coaching institute. They begin by explaining you the methodology in terms of 15 Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). The list impresses initially and be convinced that you suddenly feel filled with the energy and motivation. But just cool your heels and look into the list again. Which qualities are exclusive to the cadre of officers in the armed forces? Most of the qualities are needed in any person who is to do well in life-status or cadre irrespective civil or military. Counting the OLQs is only half a statement. An armed force officer is supposed to have these qualities in certain Measure or Degree or Intensity. There are different shades of these qualities which are meant for the assessors. Whatever is the point of start for an assessor cannot be the starting point for a candidate.

The conventional way of starting your ssb preparations is not only incomplete and confusing but also can raise conflicts with your original personality.

The real preparation of SSBs is the understanding and enhancement of those abilities and faculties that aid an officer not only in performance of his war related functions but also make him administer and to maintain his unit well. The real preparation is far beyond the ‘Model answers’ and the ‘Be Positive’ approach which is being followed by almost every coaching institute in the space.

SSB Mentor came into picture to give you access to the right approach. I have not given any model story/sentence/answer anywhere. Instead, I have clarified the principles behind every test, what are the abilities and psychological faculties associated with the tests and how to custom your response. Once you understand the ‘Requirement’ of the situation, the desirable responses will become your ‘Second Nature’. You will evolve and grow.

The growth of your thoughts, imagination, abilities and faculties is the real SSB Preparation..

SSB Mentor

Group Captain AK Srivastava

Chief Mentor 

He is a first class Post Graduate in Psychology and has been involved in selection, training and education of the troops and cadets during his service career spanning over three decades in Indian Air Force. The officer has served at Air Force Selection Boards – Mysore & Varanasi, as Headmaster of Sainik Schools of Imphal & Kapurthala and was twice placed as Instructor & Counsellor at Air Force Academy Hyderabad. As a Psychologist, his services have been utilized by the IAF in various national & international projects. Group Captain A K Srivastava is keen reader and researcher. He has presented scholarly papers at DIPR, University of Peradenia (Sri Lanka) and at Curtin University (Dubai Campus). He has authored a book titled ‘Aaham Aavaam Vayam’ (I, we two & we all), on the tests and practices at SSBs, which is highly appreciated in the academic circles. Currently giving active guidance and counselling for career in armed forces.


First class graduate in Psychology

Selector at AFSB - Varanasi & Mysore

Instructor & Counsellor at AFA

Headmaster at Sainik Schools

Author of 'Aaham Aavaam Vayam'

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