Hello young friends

As I am interacting with my students during the PGP sessions, I am finding funny things that have been popularized by the people capable of giving only commercial advice. 😊

During the last PGP came up a discussion on PIQ wherein the height and weight is to be mentioned. I wished to know the views of the students (the purpose of height and weight)….and then opened the pandora’s box of assumptions…wild guesses…hypothesese….from simple to complex and from funny to very funny….

One of such answers was…for converting the information into feet and inches…(your height is to be mentioned in meter and cm). And to that my reaction was what Gandhiji uttered after being hit by Godse’s bullet- ‘Hey Ram’ were my words…believe you me. 🤔

All the course participants had been to multiple mentors…and to multiple coaching academies prior to their decision of meeting me. And yet, the real pupose behind this input…..

Anyway, lemme explain –

To understand my point…please google ‘Somato-type’ by Sheldon.

A few decades ago- psychologists became curious to relate the physique with the temperament (type of body and reaction pattern). In this regard the views of Sheldon and Kretschmer got maximim acceptance and popularity (though considered less relevant today)
These scientists have related the normal reaction patterns and the abnormal patterns with three somatotypes-

  • Ectomorphic
  • Endomorphic
  • Mesomorphic

You can read in detail the normal and the abnormal reaction patterns in detail. For example- the Endomorphic is ‘happy go lucky’, enjoys indulgence normally but shows Manic-Depressive psychosis when his adjustment is impaired.

The psychologist does not meet you personally. This information (height and weight) balance/imbalance of the bodymass vis vis height serves as a great input to the psychologist.

Another thing- the balanced proportion of height and bodymass has a great influence in developing the confidence. Also, a person with the balanced body is accepted by the peergroup and tbe members of opposite sex. This results in enhanced self-esteem.

A person with disproportionate body (too thin and too fat) is subjected to fun, laughter, taunts, scorns and rejection as activity group member or as a team member of sports etc. Such a fun, laughter , rejection etc create certain defence mechanism in a person.

Defence Mechanisms are essential parts of personality as they get settled in Unconscious mind. Your defence mechanisms are seen in TAT and SRT and as a possibility in WAT as well….thus…they provide effective terms for ascertaining the Projection.

Every bit of information sought at SSBs has been included with great thoughts. You need a genuine mentor to explain.

If you depend on the advice of pseudo-experts the SSBs will ever remain a mystery. So, decide.