Dear young friends- greetings and best wishes.

TAT is the least understood test and being the most UNSTRUCTURED test TAT assumes the most significant position in the psychological tasks. Take my words- unless someone understands the psychological principles and spirit of TAT he would only mess up with TAT only to ruin your prospects.

Most of commercial mentors are psychology illiterates (Umpires who turned into coaches 🙃) so they have invented certain spicy recipes to make TAT stories that appear rather attractive and convincing but do no good to your chances.

TAT is a projective technique. This means when the central character remains undefined- the subject PROJECTS his own qualities on him. When the projection (or Hero Identification) is total then your created stories provide the most reliable input to the psychologist for assessment of your personality.

This means that there should not be a gap between you and your H in terms of AGE, GENDER AND MOTIVATION.


This is quite a confusing version of Projective Technique. But sadly, the quacks prescribe it and you then deliberately bring the facts of your PIQ or the life events in your stories. Let me argue against this.

TAT is the test of your IMAGINATION. But when you bring your own life events then your TAT stories become the test of your memory rather than the test of your IMAGINATION.

The entries in your PIQs have their own limitations. PIQ does not include things like- how many friends you have, skills that you have mastered, what you wish to be in life, whether you are introvert or extrovert, whether you are comfortable as a leader or a follower…your temperament.

Then- if you have to write YOUR OWN STORIES or the stories from OWN ENVIRONMENT then- a person who is from the hills cannot write stories on sea or deserts…and a person from the plains of UP/Bihar/Haryana cannot write on life on hills….

We LEARN , we WATCH, we IMITATE we OBSERVE…. Such cognitive activities enrich the power of our imagination. And hence, whatever we create/imagine need not be essentially our own life event.

Do you think those who wrote Arabian Nights have experienced all the magical and mystic forces in their own life? Has anyone travelled in the flying carpet or in the Pushpak Vimana? These are all the products of imagination not aided by the life events of the authors.

I rest my case !